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  • Mrs. Shelley Bartels

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor LMHC, MA

    Building from a foundation of a Christian worldview, my style involves exploring your history and current circumstances to identify feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that contribute to your current unhappiness. With short term counseling I provide support ...


    Bartels Counseling Service, 600 Main St. Ste. D Edmonds, WA

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  • Mr. Eric Gomez

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MS, LMFT, MHP

    I consider my work as a Marriage and Family Therapist to be a great privilege, because it allows me to focus on helping incredible people like you do the following: Improve the communication in your marriage or ...


    Fulfilled Christian Counseling, 51 West Dayton Street, Suite 102 Edmonds, WA

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  • Dr. Dan Hartman

    MA, PsyD


    9706 4th Ave NE Ste 203 Seattle, WA

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  • Dr. George Recknagel

    Psychologist (licensed) PhD

    If you feel stuck in a place in your life or your marriage that leaves you distressed, disconnected, hopeless, or despairing, I would be honored to discuss with you how I may be able to help ...


    917 NE 73rd St Seattle, WA

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